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Mining Drill PipeMining Drill Pipe

Mining Drill Pipe

Bormillinc manufactures a range of deep hole mining drill pipe, we stand buy the highest standard when it comes to drill pipe. Our certified thread gages ranging from 6 3/4 to 10 1/8 male and female along with our CNC facilities and high quality steel makes us a leader in drill pipe.

Oil Drill PipeDrill Pipe

Oil Drill Pipe

We customize any and all API specified drill pipe. Our drill pipes are available in different sizes from 2-3/8 OD with a NC26 rotary connection to a 6-5/8 OD with a 6-5/8 FH rotary connection. Joiners from 3-3/8 OD 1- 3/4 ID to 8-1/2 OD 4/14 ID depending on your specifications.

Our drill pipes threads are turned in a spindle bore making for the best finish and accuracy.

Wire Rope Sheaves

Wire rope sheave are usually used for lifting large objects for many different industries, depending on the application, cast iron gives the wire rope a longer life but a short life for the sheave where as cast steel sheaves have a long life and the rope as well.

Our sheaves come in a variety of different sizes as with our bearings, bushes and seals meeting  your specific requirements.